Automate your monitoring and reporting for faster, simpler and more accurate work.

  • Covers 400+ global rules, 100+ jurisdictions
  • Designed by compliance experts
  • Tailored to your business
  • Powered by aosphere’s Rulefinder service.

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A platform and service solution built uniquely for you

We don’t believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. We make your life easier by providing both the platform and the regulatory expertise, tailored to your business requirements. 

Simplify the complexity of Shareholding Disclosure

Long, short, major shareholding, takeover panels…

Our system needs all the requirements across 95+ countries for:

  • Long and short disclosures
  • Takeover regimes including UK Takeover Panel
  • Sensitive industries
  • Issuer requests
  • Articles of association.

Key features

  • Disclosure alerts
  • Rules library by aosphere, an affiliate of Allen and Overy
  • Pre-populated disclosure forms
  • Auditable workflow
  • Position searches
  • Ad hoc reports
  • Links to relevant regulation
  • Information on how to file the disclosure
  • Management information dashboard
  • Ability to add comments and upload/download documents
  • 2nd factor security authentication.

Tailored to you

We tailor our platform to your requirements and provide ongoing regulatory support, including:

  • Rules provision and interpretation specific to your business model, including supporting documentation
  • A rules engine configured to specification/rules interpretation
  • A watching brief over changes in rules and regulations by our in-house experts.

Why choose Kaizen's Shareholding Disclosure Service?

1. We understand the challenges you face

Our Shareholding Disclosure Service is more than just a smart piece of technology. It’s been designed by experts with years of first-hand experience working, who are on hand to provide support alongside the platform should you need it.

“My years of shareholding disclosure compliance in four of the Tier 1 banks has been applied to every part of our service to make life simple for you.”

Angie HuffRegulatory Advisory Director, Kaizen Reporting

2. We are Takeover Panel experts

Other providers of Takeover Panel reporting do not always cater for all of the disclosure requirements. We do. Just provide us with your trades and positions and we will deliver the pre-populated disclosure forms ready to file within those aggressive deadlines. 

3. We work in partnership with you

Not every compliance department has the resources to dedicate to shareholding disclosures. We have the regulatory expertise and the automated platform to make it simple for you.

“We have found them extremely knowledgeable in this niche area. Their interpretation services have been crucial in supporting our compliance team as we operate in a multitude of different geographic locations with a diverse set of businesses.”

Group Head of Risk and Regulatory ComplianceGlobal Asset Management Firm

Shareholding Disclosure Service

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