LISTEN: ‘What’s next for regulatory reporting?’ Q&A podcast

Tune in and listen to Kaizen’s Ian Rennie and our regulatory reporting specialists Tim Hartley and Francesco Angelini (EMIR), Jonathan Lee (SFTR) and Simon Appleton (MiFIR), as they answer your questions from our recent webinar, What’s next for regulatory reporting?

  • Will UTIs still be used with the new EMIR Refit, and are there any changes to them? 
  • We understand that there’s a new action type called “REVIVE”, could you give us some more detail?
  • Will the FCA remove the short selling indicator? Why and what will this mean for the industry?
  • Should firms be submitting corrections to historic transactions under SFTR?
  • Will ESMA follow the UK FCA’s lead and remove the obligation to report SFT trades with EU central banks under MiFIR?

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