International Women’s Day 2024: Spotlight on Nicole Brown

This month, to mark International Women’s Day on 8 March, we are sharing a series of profiles on inspiring Kaizen women.  Nicole Brown is a data analyst in our G20 Regulatory Reporting Team. 

What motivated you to choose data analysis as a career?

My journey towards choosing data analysis as a career began during my time at the University of Kent, where I had the opportunity to immerse myself in a year-long study of data analytics. Through this experience, I delved into learning R code and exploring the manipulation of large datasets.

I found myself captivated by the ability to solve complex problems and identify patterns within the results.

What truly solidified my decision was the realisation how versatile data analysis is. It became apparent to me that data analysis is significant in many industries and can be applied to virtually any field, whether it is in finance or healthcare, marketing or even fashion. This versatility appealed to me, making data analysis an exciting career path.

What is it about your work at Kaizen that interests you?

I work within Kaizen’s G20 regulatory reporting team and we are responsible for ensuring timely delivery of our ReportShield quality assurance testing and reconciliation solutions to clients.  G20 regulations include EMIR, CFTC, SEC, MAS, ASIC, HKMA and Canadian reporting regimes amongst others. I enjoy extracting, cleansing and enriching data before running tests, to ensure that everything works smoothly.

At the moment, as part of our efforts to make our testing more efficient, I am learning a new coding language which is both challenging and rewarding.

Not to mention, being part of a great team that collaborates effectively has made working at Kaizen enjoyable. Overall, I appreciate the constant opportunity for growth and learning, which keeps me engaged in my role.

What positive steps do you think we could take to help women overcome the challenges they face in your industry?

Taking small but yet meaningful steps in the right direction can make a significant difference in creating a more inclusive environment for women.

One positive step is to have mentorship and support programmes tailored specifically for women in the industry. These are important as they provide a safe space for women to grow, develop skills, and gain confidence in their abilities.

Pairing aspiring female professionals with experienced mentors can offer valuable guidance and insights into navigating the challenges of the industry.

In addition, hosting women’s networking events can be beneficial for women to connect with other aspiring women, providing a sense of community and support. This is something we do at Kaizen which I value.

Furthermore, programmes focusing on skills such as public speaking can empower women to feel more comfortable and confident in expressing themselves within the workforce. By implementing these positive steps, we can work towards creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for women in the Regtech industry.

Which women inspire you the most? Why?

My greatest source of inspiration has always been my mother. Since my early years, she has consistently been my number one inspiration. Her constant support and belief in my abilities have been instrumental in shaping my character and aspirations. Furthermore, witnessing her ability to manage multiple responsibilities has been inspiring. I admire her ability to show that as a woman, there are no limits to what we can accomplish, and nothing should hinder us from pursuing our goals.

Another woman who inspires me is Michelle Obama. While some may only see her as a former First Lady, her journey is marked by many challenges that she faced with resilience and grace.

Despite the obstacles, she remained true to herself and worked to make a difference and serve as an inspiration to others.

During her time as First Lady, Michelle Obama used her platform to advocate for education and empower young girls to fulfil their potential and dreams. Her commitment to uplifting others, even when faced with public scrutiny I find truly inspiring. She serves as a role model for many. Her resilience inspires me to step out my comfort zone and see challenges as opportunity for growth.

Nicole’s profile is part of a series on inspiring Kaizen women to mark International Women’s Day 2024. Read about Legal Counsel Angharad Bryant and Relationship Manager Coral Durham