Our Research Management platform helps research managers oversee and report on the ‘broker vote’ (i.e. the value of services such as research) including compliance with unbundling and fair value rules. In addition, our platform provides access to a comprehensive network of hundreds of research providers and reports.

Research Management

Key features:

  • Accurate monitoring and reporting of research costs as well as a macro research news content feed
  • Machine learning model that scrapes through communications to check that free research is not used as an inducement
  • Workflow tools to show research consumption, broker interactions and user voting to ensure costs are fair value
  • Internal management reports and external broker packs demonstrating trends, spend, research ratings and other metrics highlighting areas for improvement
  • An easy-to-use custom report builder
  • Aggregated access to third party equity, fixed income macro research and news content on desktop and via a mobile app.

Save time and reduce regulatory risk for the front office by automating research compliance

  • Automated vote management with the fastest front-office review available
  • Accurately attribute research consumption by user, team and business unit
  • Identify and manage potential inducement across email, terminals and messaging platforms
  • Automatically capture interactions internally or from your providers
  • Prevent over-consumption of research budget with up-to-date and transparent reporting.

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