Regulatory reporting is a huge challenge. Often firms are unaware of the errors in their reports because they don’t have the right testing and controls in place. 

Our ReportShield™ quality assurance service is unique in giving a complete picture of reporting quality, allowing you to evidence where your reporting is correct and identify any errors – keeping your reporting ‘iceberg’ firmly above the water.

We can guide you through any reporting challenge


With our partner Elixirr, we can identify reporting issues quickly and ensure they are resolved and replayed, in a cost-effective, seamless way.  

Post s166 support

We’ve helped numerous firms rebuild trust with the regulator following a s166 Skilled Persons Review.

New regulation or regulatory update

We have helped a number of firms prepare for a new regulation by independently identifying issues before go-live and in production. Our SFTR service is currently being developed – please contact us to find out more. 

Internally identified problem

If you’ve discovered a problem with your reporting, we can quickly identify issues and how prevalent they are, saving you valuable time and resource internally.

Senior Manager’s Regime (SMR)

With increased responsibilities under the SMR, we can put the right controls in place to so you can evidence your compliance with reporting obligations.

Training on reporting requirements tailored to your business

We provide CPD-accredited training delivered by our transaction reporting subject matter experts.

Transition to an Approved Reporting Mechanism, Swap Data or Trade Repository

We can provide expert help and remove the risk of selecting and transitioning to a new provider.

If you’ve found a problem with your regulatory reporting or need peace of mind that your data is accurate and complete, we can help.

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