Our proprietary surveillance solutions provide both trade and communications monitoring on one system to help middle office and compliance teams comply with market abuse regulations and detect spoofing, layering and other forms of market manipulation.

Key features:

  • Combined alerts to monitor trade and communications activity in one simple stream
  • Automated market abuse and insider trading detection
  • Policy and case management features
  • Customised and STOR reporting
  • Multi-channel communications monitoring across chat, email and other forms of electronic communications
  • Drag and drop feature for a combined trade and communications data search feed
  • Functionality to email front office with questions, and automatically capture responses in the same alert or case.

Demonstrate compliance to management and regulators with:

  • Intelligent evidence gathering and data storage in compliance with SEC, FINRA and ESMA guidelines
  • Compliance with Market Abuse Regulations (MAR)
  • Online case management workflows to resolve market abuse cases faster
  • A policy and rules manager fully audited for changes
  • Automatic population of an evidence log for any alert with relevant and contextual supporting information.

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