Advanced Regulatory Reconciliation

Regulatory reconciliations are complex and can consume a disproportionate amount of resources if executed internally.

Our end-to-end Advanced Regulatory Reconciliation Service tests for the completeness of regulatory reporting by comparing the raw data in your trading systems with the data received by the regulator.

Key features

  • Identifies mismatches of data (price, quantity, product difference etc) between your firm’s trading systems and what has been reported to the regulator
  • More comprehensive than standard reconciliations which do not typically check as far back as the trading system
  • All data sources reconciled and high volumes easily accommodated
  • Includes detailed management information and findings including reported and non-reported trades
  • For MiFIR, EMIR, DFA, SFTR, HKMA, ASIC and other G20 regulations.

100% coverage

Identifies over and under-reporting and mismatches of data

What do you get?

Advanced regulatory reconciliations are delivered as a managed service at a frequency that you require – usually monthly or quarterly depending on your trading volumes.

Clients receive a summary reconciliation report following each test run which includes management information and detailed results including any errors and fully quantified findings.

Full results

Includes detailed management information and findings