Putting you in control of MiFID II reporting


  • A new reporting landscape

    In 2007, MiFID I changed the reporting landscape but that change will pale into insignificance when we consider the seismic changes brought by MiFID II.

    Early investment in MiFID II assurance activities will provide cost savings as well as reducing your regulatory risk.

    Testing and reconciliations are mandatory under MiFID II and the regulator has made it clear that data quality will be of the utmost importance.

  • Everything you need for MiFID II

    We’ve tailored our ReportShield™ services to address MiFID II’s complex requirements and get you on the front foot:

  • Are you ready for MiFID II reporting?

    We are helping a number of clients with their preparation for MiFID II reporting.

    Contact us to find out how we can help you prepare for these game-changing new rules.

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