Jonathan Lee

Jonathan LeeSenior Regulatory Reporting Specialist

Jonathan is an expert in a number of regulatory regimes in the transaction reporting, trade reporting, liquidity reporting and prudential supervisory space and spearheads Kaizen’s SFTR quality assurance services. 

He has 20 years of front-to-back investment banking experience including 11 years at JP Morgan. Jonathan’s focus over the past seven years has been on the emergence of new regulations covering securities financing, money market reporting and collateral reuse. In this capacity, he has been closely engaged with the FSB, ESMA, ECB and Bank of England and has been at the forefront of educational and advocacy efforts for the Securities Financing Transaction Reporting (SFTR) reporting regime.

Jonathan is a former chair of both the ICMA ERCC SFTR Taskforce and the AFME Primary Dealers Reporting group.  Jonathan has also developed and delivers Kaizen’s SFTR reporting core training courses.