8. Reporting Requirements

8.1. What is the time frame for making Transaction Reports?

Firms are required to report the required details of the Transaction to the FCA as quickly as possible and by not later than the close of the working day following the day upon which that transaction took place.[1]SUP 17.2.7R For example, the ARMs Xtrakter and UnaVista have a cut-off of 10pm.

8.2. What are the mandatory transaction details which need to be sent to FCA?

Transaction reports should include the information set out in SUP 17 Annex 1 which are relevant to the type of financial instrument in question and where FCA has stated that they are not already in possession of or can access by other means (via reference data). In particular such reports should contain details of the names and numbers of instrument s bought or sold, the quantity, the dates and times of execution and transaction prices and means of identifying the firms/counterparties concerned.

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1. SUP 17.2.7R