13. Reporting the MIC code for BATS Dark and Lit markets

BATS Global Markets (BATS) is a Recognised Investment Exchange (RIE) operating both MTFs and Regulated Markets. Any instruments admitted to its MTFs are therefore reportable as “prescribed market instruments”.

The BATS dark pool is operated as an MTF by BATS but it also operates regulated market dark pools and integrated markets which have both “displayed and non-displayed orders” (lit and dark orders).

For transaction reporting purposes you have to identify the venue based on the ESMA database for MTFs and RMs. For BATS the MIC code provided by ESMA is shown below. As these are the same BATE should be reported in all instances for BATS. This may not be the case for other venues so you would need to check in each case.

MTF Entries as at 05 September 2016

RM Entries as at 05 September 2016