The Kaizen Helpdesk one year on

The Kaizen Helpdesk one year on

A year ago, at the start of the pandemic, we launched the Kaizen Helpdesk to provide our clients with direct access to our team of regulatory specialists and test analysts. Our goal was to improve support and enable clients to raise any questions about their ReportShield™ testing and reconciliation results while many were working remotely from home. 

What is the Kaizen Helpdesk?

The Kaizen Helpdesk provides an instant way to communicate with our team of specialists either for technical queries relating to the regulation itself, or for data issues with your ReportShield Accuracy Testing and Reconciliation results. When submitting an enquiry, clients can highlight the exact service and regulation their question relates to, ensuring it reaches the correct recipients immediately. Clients can also attach documents, spreadsheets, emails and screenshots directly into the comment box for the Kaizen team to review.

Any question can be submitted to the Helpdesk and it’s designed to encourage:

  • Efficiency – direct access to the entire team of Regulatory Specialists, Data Analysts and Relationship Managers, avoiding your message being lost in crowded inboxes or receiving an Out Of Office reply
  • Transparency – your request will be shared with your fellow colleagues with Helpdesk access
  • Auditability – requests are never archived and don’t disappear if the user leaves the organisation
  • Traceability – to prevent duplication of Q&A and provide evidence of decisions made
  • Tracking  – of changes to client’s business and data discovery profiles or Kaizen’s test parameters.

How long will it take to process my enquiry?

The Helpdesk is monitored by our team of regulatory specialists, relationship managers and support functions to ensure that queries are dealt with as quickly as possible. We aim to respond to clients and resolve enquiries within 24 hours.  If you need urgent assistance, please contact your Relationship Manager or support contact quoting your Kaizen Helpdesk reference and they’ll assist with escalating your enquiry.

Future Plans

We have received great feedback on the Kaizen Helpdesk over the past year and the number of clients using the service continues to grow.  As a result, we have been gathering feedback to design and launch a new, improved Helpdesk which is currently in testing. Watch this space for further announcements on the new Helpdesk service with additional functionality in due course.

  • As always, if you have any suggestions or feedback on how we can improve any of our services, including the Helpdesk, please contact us. And keep raising those questions…
  • If you’re not a client and would like more information about our ReportShield services and how you can access our Helpdesk, please also get in touch