Make sure your reporting is complete and take away the internal burden of this complex requirement.

  • Key facts:

    • Obtains source data from primary trading systems
    • Converts the data into a clean standardised format
    • Applies any necessary filters to the data including firm-specific filters
    • Reconciles the reportable records against those that are reported down to field level
    • Identifies under and over reporting and inaccurate reporting such as mismatches of data.
  • What do you get?

    • Periodic reconciliations at a frequency that you require
    • A summary reconciliation report following each run which includes detailed reconciliation results
    • Fully quantified findings.

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  • ReportShield quality assurance

    Kaizen’s advanced reconciliations are a key component of our ReportShield suite of services which includes:

    ReportShield works best as a managed service but it can be used for a one-off health check of your reporting.

    Components can be mixed and matched depending on your reporting needs.