Reference Data Testing

Often overlooked, incorrect reference data accounts for nearly half of all regulatory reporting errors.

Robust testing of reference data should therefore be a key element of any reporting assurance process.

Key features

  • Executes a range of tests to counterparty and instrument reference data to check for both accuracy and completeness
  • Full population of reference data is tested for complete mappings to the appropriate identifiers
  • Assesses the use and allocation of internal identifiers
  • Normalises legal name and address
  • Real-time checking of Legal Entity Identifiers (LEIs)
  • For MiFIR, EMIR, DFA, SFTR, HKMA, ASIC and other G20 regulations.


All reportable data fields are tested to identify all errors in your reference data

What do you get?

Reference data testing is delivered as a managed service with testing taking place monthly or quarterly depending on your trading volumes. Clients receive: 

  • Summary management report on your data, detailing the risks identified and testing findings
  • Summary information on the shape of your reference data
  • A list of all findings by reference data record providing complete transparency and an audit trail
  • Proposed values for LEIs where these are missing from your data.

Full results

Delivers detailed test findings to simplify back-reporting