40% of transaction reporting errors are related to problems with reference data.
Robust testing of this data should be a key element of your reporting assurance regime.

  • Key facts

    • Tests both counterparty and instrument reference data
    • Executes a range of checks to ensure that client and counterparty static data is accurate and complete
    • Full population of static records are tested for complete mappings to the appropriate identifiers
    • Assesses the use and allocation of internal identifiers
    • Specific testing in place for investment managers and the funds they manage.
  • What do you get for each test cycle?

    • Summary management report on your data, detailing the risks identified and testing findings
    • Summary information on the shape of your reference data
    • A list of all findings by reference data record providing complete transparency and an audit trail
    • Proposed values for LEIs, BICs and FRNs where these are missing from your data, for your confirmation.
  • ReportShield quality assurance

    We can deliver a one-off audit of your reference data however we recommend the service is deployed periodically and as part of our ReportShield suite of services which includes:

    Contact us to discuss how we can help you improve the quality of your counterparty and instrument reference data.