SEC Part 43 Real Time Reporting takes the romance out of Valentine’s Day


Difficult as it may be to believe, many people I talk to don’t seem to appreciate the romance of regulations, the passion for data quality, or even the sexiness of standards. I know, right!

Well naysayers, the tide is turning and the link between regulations and romance is becoming harder to dispute.

Last week we had the CFTC issuing an advisory on online dating and the risk of being ripped off when Mr/Miss Right really isn’t very right at all.

And never one to be knowingly outdone by its regulatory rival, today sees the SEC massacring Valentine’s Day for many with the introduction of Part 43 real-time price dissemination reporting.

For the many technologists and reporters diligently working on a smooth go-live of the SEC’s second major milestone in their rollout of SBSR reporting, there’ll be no chance of sloping off for a romantic meal. 

We here at Kaizen would like to wish all the SEC reporting firms a smooth and successful, if ultimately unromantic, go-live today.

And there’s just the trivial matter of backloading every expired SBS since 2010 before the third and final instalment of the SEC rollout on April 14 to tackle now. (I’ll need to start working on my Easter puns for that one)…