In the news: Dario Crispini speaks to Best Execution on the challenges of regulation on derivatives

Dario Crispini Best Execution Derivatives

Our CEO Dario Crispini spoke to the Editor of Best Execution Lynn Strongin-Dodds about the ongoing trends and challenges of regulation on the derivatives industry and how market participants are leveraging technology to enhance processes and data management.


While the trading dynamics of derivatives will continue to focus the mind, coming to grips with the data burden – present in almost all other sets of regulation – is also consuming time, money and resources. Detailed reporting of trades across a range of asset classes is now required but, as with trading, asset managers just crossed the MiFID II finishing line and are planning to enhance their services.

Dario Crispini, CEO of Kaizen Reporting believes that the “biggest challenges are data quality, reporting accuracy and getting a complete picture,” he adds. “There is a lot of choice in terms of the number of reporting systems but choosing one is not the end of the story. There needs to be a strong control and governance element.”

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