• What has happened? 

    We’ve helped numerous firms get – and stay – on track with their regulatory reporting following a s166 Skilled Persons Review. Our CEO, Dario Crispini, is the former head of the FCA’s Transaction Monitoring Unit so we have a unique insight into what the regulator is thinking.

    Whether an issue affects a single transaction or a million, we can flush them out in weeks so you can begin the journey of rebuilding trust with your senior management team and the regulator.

  • What challenges do you face?

    We can help you if you have received, or are expecting to receive, regulatory censure (for example, a s166 review). Usually this involves being asked to identify the scope and size of issues with your regulatory reporting and remedy any errors once they have been identified.

    If the review has been completed, you will need to evidence that you have put effective and comprehensive controls in place that will identify and catch issues that might occur in the future.

  • How Kaizen can help

    In a very short period of time, we can help you put the right controls in place to provide confidence to the regulator that you have either identified issues in your reporting quality, and/or that you are able to detect issues in the future.


    If you are concerned you are about to be censured by the regulator or would like support after a s166 review, please contact us.